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Manas specializes in new product development, troubleshooting in extrusion related process industries, and setting up of Research and Development facilities. Manas has its own laboratory setup to carry out development activities. The company is backed by qualified and practicing plastics technologists.

Current Capabilities:

Development of products and technologies based on polymer blends and grafts and reactive extrusion.

Additives for plastics and development of plastics formulations for various applications.

Design of experiments and optimization of process parameters.

Setting up R&D Laboratory and systems for plastics industries especially in packaging area.

Providing advanced training courses in Plastics Technology.

Technical Marketing of industrial products.

Educating clients on techniques of data collection, information storage, and retrieval.

Helping clients with Machinery Selection and negotiations with machinery suppliers for new projects.

Technology and process development in Plastics Films.

Technology for Flexible Packaging and Hot Melt Adhesives.

Metallization of plastics films and manufacture of stamping foils.

Wood Plastics Composite - Technology for Profiles

Major Clients:

Some of the major clients for whom Manas has successfully provided solutions include :

Bruckner, Germany
Assisting Bruckener for synthetic paper technology for their BOPP Film Lines. Bruckeners are leading manufacturers of BOPP and PET film lines worldwide.

AF Ferguson & Co., Dubai
Strategic analysis of BOPP Film production.

Cosmo Films Ltd.
BOPP Film - Quality Control, R&D, New Plant Selection

Gujarat Propack Ltd.
BOPP Film Development

High Polymer Labs.
Blowing Agents for PVC and PE

Quadrant EPP Surlon.
Nylon Alloys.

SRF Ltd.
Polyester Film.

Hyderabad Industries Ltd.
Technology Selection for Petrochem based Polymer Plant.

Industrial Cables.
Development of Crosslinkable Cable Compound.

Midland Polymers.
MOPP Films Project Equipment Design/Product Development.

B M International.
Masterbatches - Feasibility and Project Report.

Novex India.
Masterbatch Technology.

Panjawani Packaging.
PVC Compounds and Films.

Pioneer Plastics.
PVC Compounds.

VFC Industries.
Recycling of Mixed Film Laminates & Technology for HMA Coating




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