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As an offshoot of providing Consultancy, Manas has accumulated a wealth of experience in Audio Visual Teaching in specialised fields in Plastics Technology. This knowledge is available from elementary levels for schools through to high technology areas.

The following list gives an indication of the expertise available.

Plastics Processing- Basic principles. On the basis of a series of lecture delivered at University of Jaipur, India, for non-plastics undergraduate chemistry teachers from all over the state.

Extrusion - A series of lectures to the level of Diploma of Indian Plastics Institute.

Extrusion Compounding -A basic course in understanding extrusion compounding based on a talk delivered at PPAA - Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi

Plastics Recycling - A general survey and specifically, recycling of mixed plastics waste.

Fillers in Plastics -A 2 day course organised for Citurgia Petrochemicals. The course discussed properties of various fillers and compounded materials.

Polymer Blends and Alloys - A series of lectures:
General survey.
Techniques for production of Blends and Alloys.
Production and use of Nylon Alloys

Documents and Details of the above courses can be obtained from Manas.

Experts from the company are available to conduct courses on any of the above topics either in-house or at other organized gatherings. These services are available at nominal charges in the interest of technology upgradation in Indian Industry. Lectures / demonstrations to schools are conducted as a community service, free of charges.

For further details about course strucure and the training programmes contact us.




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